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Cryogenic Storage Services

Canada Cryobank works with individuals and centers across Canada and abroad to support the transfer, shipping and storage of frozen biological samples.

When Experience Matters

Our leading-edge facility provides a proven environment that is continuously monitored to ensure both optimal conditions and outstanding security. We perform routine quality assurance and uses industry-leading systems, with redundancies, to protect your samples until you are ready to use them.

Safe & Reliable Transport

Canada Cryobank uses couriers experienced in cryogenic handling providing traceability for your high value specimens from pickup to final delivery.

We carry out additional steps to ensure that your specimen is safely transported.

  • Routine shipments are initiated Mondays, with return waybills, to complete round trip before week end, avoiding delays.
  • Tamper evident security tags seal each shipment assuring the contents integrity during transport.
  • Dewars are quality control monitored with each shipment to continually monitor efficacies.
  • Dewars are validated annually and maintained in a fully charged, ready state for shipment at any time.

Our Clients

We provide cryogenic storage management services to patients and centers across the nation and abroad and this remains our focus. Our services encompass IVF clinics, hospitals, research institutions, and individuals who entrust their future dreams to our advanced storage and shipping processes

We are steadfast in our commitment to help clients preserve access to future medical therapies, as well as, achieve their dreams of parenthood, one client at a time.

Getting Started With Cryogenic Services
Embryo Storage
Oocyte Storage
Ovarian Tissue Storage
Sperm Storage
Testicular Tissue Storage
Follow a link above for information about specific cryogenic services

Transfer Frozen Samples to Canada Cryobank

Looking to transfer your already frozen samples to Canada Cryobank for storage? Canada Cryobank offers short and long-term storage options at affordable rates.

Select a sample type from the list above for information and next steps specific to your storage needs. For more efficient service, submit a New Account Registration form. A storage specialist aims to contact you within one to three days of your initial outreach with further instructions.

Our cryogenic management service provides inventory and shipping management for active inventory and repository storage requirements. For service quote inquiries, submit your detailed request here. A storage specialist aims to contact you within one to three days of your initial outreach for discussion.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Find answers to the most common questions that we get about Cryogenic Storage on our FAQ Page.