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Choosing A Sperm Donor

Canada Cryobank is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. As a Health Canada registered importer and distributor of donor sperm, we take the time to ensure that our catalogue has nothing but the highest quality Canadian compliant sperm donors to choose from.

The choice of a sperm donor is a decision to cherish for a lifetime. Begin your search for your ideal sperm donor match by following these simple steps.

1. Find A Sperm Donor Match

Our online donor search tool offers a convenient and easy way to help you find your perfect donor. Search Canadian compliant; donor listings at your own pace without the need to register on our website. The complete donor listing for sperm donors can be found using the Donor Sperm Catalogue page.

2. Donor Sperm Search Tips

Start your donor search by selecting a few features that are important to you. These may be physical characteristics such as height, hair color, eye color, etc. For any characteristics (e.g. blood type, CMV) that you are unsure of we encourage you to contact your clinic for their advice.

The key is not to be too specific in your initial search to avoid eliminating donors that would otherwise be a great choice.

Once you review the initial search results, you can further narrow down your choices by filtering for additional features such as education level, occupation and many others.

For more details on each donor, including pricing and vial availability, click on ‘See Details’

We recommend that you choose 3 donors which meet most if not all of your criteria, just in case your first choice is not available.

Expand the sections below to get more information about topics that can help you in your donor search. For specific guidance related to your treatment plan consult your physician for their recommendation.

Cytomegalovirus or CMV is a member of the herpes family of viruses that also includes chickenpox and mono. CMV infection is common affecting 50 to 95% of adults and natural immunity to the virus can be acquired through saliva or intimate contact.

It is rarely diagnosed in healthy adults and children because it usually produces few, if any symptoms. In newborns, however, the virus can cause birth defects and congenital disabilities.

To limit the risk of infection to the unborn child, Health Canada requires CMV testing for men who intend to donate sperm. The only way to be certain of your CMV (immune) status is a blood test.

Women intending to achieve pregnancy with donor sperm, the following recommendations are made:

CMV negative women do not have antibodies to the virus and should consider using a CMV negative sperm donor to reduce the risk of infection to the unborn child.

CMV positive women have antibodies and resistance to the virus from previous exposure, so they can select a sperm donor who is either CMV positive or CMV negative.

It is an important issue worth discussing with your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

Identity (ID) release is all about future access to the specific information about the donor.

ID Release donors, also called OPEN ID donors, have a written contract with their Cryobank allowing release of certain information to the donor’s offspring once they reach adulthood. Be sure to contact the Cryobank to have a clear understanding of the information that may be available in the future.

Non-ID Release donors, also called Anonymous Donors, do not allow their information to be shared by a Cryobank.

Cryobanks offer two different profile types: Basic and Extended.

The Basic Profile gives you basic donor information such as physical characteristics, education or occupation. If you want to know more detailed information about the donor consider purchasing an Extended Profile directly through the Cryobank.

The Extended Profile provides deeper insight into your donor as an individual and may include childhood/adult photographs, voice recording, personal essay and experiences, and a three-generation medical history which may be important to you.

Donor sperm Motility, or MOT, refers to the number of moving sperm cells present in a mL of sample after thaw (according to WHO standards). Cryobanks can offer from 5 to over 30 million sperm cells per sample.

What MOT do I need? For insemination procedures like IUI or ICI, most clinics like to see 1 to 5, or even 10 million motile sperm. IVF procedures can use a lower MOT as healthy sperm cells are concentrated down to microvolumes and even individually selected under high power microscopes. We recommend that you ask your clinic for advice before making your decision.

Donor sperm vials are available in two types:

ICI vials (also called UNWASHED) contain sperm in its natural ejaculated fluid.

IUI vials (also called WASHED) contain sperm that has been selectively washed in a medical laboratory.

Talk to your physician about the vial type recommended for your treatment plan.

3. Submit Your Order & Store Your Vials

Ideally, submit your order at least 14 days in advance of your procedure date. Purchase and store additional vials to guarantee availability of your donor in the future for additional treatments or to grow your family. Take advantage of ourFamily Protect program for qualifying orders, offering complimentary storage with your initial purchase as well as the option to sell back unused vials once you complete your family.

Order requests can be submitted in two convenient ways, online or by email.

  • Adjust your filter settings in Find a Sperm Donor to select your donor
  • Select [Availability] to see available donor units and prices.
  • Enter vial quantity and select [Add to Cart]
  • Proceed to Check-out for payment.***

***Forms specific to your order request must be received completed to Canada Cryobank before confirmation and scheduling of shipment. Instructions and a list of required forms are available on the Forms page

  • Client Information
  • Donor details including 1st, 2nd donor choice.
  • (Note: 2nd donor choice will only be considered if your 1st choice is not available. We will notify you if this is the case.)
  • Shipping Information
  • Payment details with Signature
  • Submit your Order Request to***

***Forms specific to your order request must be received completed to Canada Cryobank before confirmation and scheduling of shipment. Instructions and a list of required forms are available on the Forms page

4. Order Confirmation & Shipping

Once we receive your order request and completed forms, we will confirm your order by email including additional details and shipping information.

Ideally, allow 2-3 additional days for shipping prior to your insemination as weather and unanticipated delays can affect delivery times. As a consequence of on-going COVID-related delays, overnight courier shipments cannot be guaranteed.

Required forms and payment must be received before confirmation and scheduling of shipment.